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By | October 17, 2013

With Cynosport around the corner, I thought I’d share an email with you.


 How well you do is completely in your control; the outcome of your competition is another matter entirely.  Control what you can, and accept the rest.  Make it your goal to take control of your thinking and your behavior.  If this truly is your goal, then success is entirely in your hands.  Let’s shoot for this kind of success.  We’ll talk about this in much more detail in our next session.


I received this email as I was traveling to the 2013 DOCNA Championships. As I read this email my mind felt at ease.  Success is entirely in my hands.  I can become successful at this event if I control my thinking and my actions.  I had to remind myself of these thoughts so I read this email frequently.  I felt as though I was looking at agility in a new light.  My frustrations with start lines, contacts and handling seemed to take on a new meaning.  Even my relationship with competitors seemed to be changing.  I felt like I was seeing the sport differently.

This might sound crazy or as if I’m on some spiritual journey.  Perhaps I am, but really I am on a journey to be better than I am today.  I have an amazing dog and the two of us together are going to become a better team.  We are going to be awesome and dare greatly.  That is the goal.

Reading the email from Dr. Roby each night of the competition and before each run helped put me in the right state of mind.  This simple email set the tone for the whole competition.  My purpose at the DOCNA championships was to practice my mental game and to be successful.  I could control my success.  I believe the words and meaning behind this email allowed me to relax and have fun.  It took the pressure off (self-imposed pressure I might add).  This was evidenced by the new friends I met, such as Kim Young, Kristen Wheeler, and Traci Johnson.  I even got to run Vicki Comb’s Gator in the jumping finals; what an honor.

It was the greatest agility experience on and off of the field.  Finally, when the run counted, we got the job done! When it mattered, we were successful and earned the title of the 2013 North American Challenge, Intern level 20 inch, National Champion.

What I loved most about the email was the concept that you can control your success and you have to let go of the things you cannot control. Link and I did not make it into the finals for jumping or for standard. We had a brilliant run and then a crash and burn run in each round. Yes, that happened. Was I bummed? Yes. Do I have things to work on? Of course. I was happy that I didn’t let those thoughts affect the rest of my weekend. I was happy that we were there to share in the glory for those that made the finals in jumping and standard.

Many of you are headed off to Cynosport.  My wish for you is to be awesome and dare greatly.  As you prepare for each run remember how well you do is completely in your control.  You control your success.

Be awesome and dare greatly,

Michelle Anthony


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