Agility Link has created the “Goal Q.”  Starting in October, Agility Link will have a limited number of FREE Goal Q pins.  (Design still in progress).

I love to set goals for myself.  I set them in my daily life, in my job, during agility training and during each agility run.  I believe that if we learn the skills of agility, the Q’s will come.  Your runs will improve as you work on raising your skills.

Sometimes it is difficult to step outside of our box and to try new skills on course because we may not get the Q this time.  Guess what?  You can Q if you set a goal for yourself during a run in competition and you accomplish your goal.

Goal Q PictureStarting in October you can earn a Goal Q from Agility Link.  I have created this community to encourage each of you to set your goals high and to reach them.  (The first 50 Goal Q’s posted on the Agility Link Facebook page will earn a free Goal Q pin from Agility Link.)  All you need to do is sign up for our newsletter and post your goal on the Agility Link Facebook page (or email if your goal is private). Once you complete the run in competition and completed your goal, post on the Agility Link Facebook page that you successfully accomplished your goal and earned a Goal Q.

We are building this community together.  The Goal Q concept will always remain the same but the requirements may be improved and change as we establish the community.  Let us know if you have any suggestions.


I can’t wait to be a part of you achieving your goals!

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