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Advice for Newbies from 2013 AKC National Finalists (Part 2)

We all get to a point in our agility career where we realize we would like to have done things differently with the dog we are currently running. It seems to be a blueprint for agility competitors. You have a dog you think you’d like to do agility so you take some classes. At first it seems fun and you aren’t too serious about the game. You train but you… Read More »

Success as defined by the top 2013 AKC National Finalists (Part 1)

As a spectator I attended the 2013 AKC Nationals.  During the competition, one of the announcers would read a few sentences about each handler and his or her dog.  The difference in each dog’s experience level became clear to me when the announcer described first-time agility handlers running dogs that qualified for Nationals for the first time, as well as handlers whose dogs have been on the world team many… Read More »