Jenn O and Michelle


Michelle Anthony

I’ve been competing with my border collie Link for approximately two and a half years.  We compete in AKC, USDAA and DOCNA.  He is smoking fast and has a love for agility.  I am learning how to handle him in order to show him where to go on course.  Trying to be one move ahead of this fast dog has been challenging but it’s a challenge I’ve embraced.

I love learning the skills to play the game of agility.  To learn these skills, I’ve taken many online courses and seminars from Daisy Peel, Linda Mecklenburg, Silvia Trkman , Kim Terrill, Tracy Sklenar and Nancy Kemna.  I simply love learning.  If I could earn a degree in agility, I’d go back to college in a heartbeat.

While I’ve been focusing hard on learning handling skills, I’ve realized there is a bigger piece of the puzzle that I was neglecting: my mental state.  I realized this a lack of development of mental aspect has held me back despite my focus on learning how to handle the course.  I had the mindset that if I just learned a little more about handling I could relax on course.  Once I realized my mental state was a critical missing piece of the puzzle, I started having greater successes in agility.  I’m sure I am not alone, so I’ve decided to share this journey with each of you.

I hope this website will become a source of information on how to handle the mental aspect of agility and foster a community which will inspire and support its members.  In an effort to help agility handlers who are experiencing the same concerns I am, I have decided to share my story through Agility Link.  I encourage each of you to join in on discussions and make Agility Link the place to share your experiences so we can learn from each other as we strive to reach our full potential.

Jennifer Ochoa

It is a pleasure and honor to join Michelle on her journey. I must say, I have known her for a long time and I have seen her enjoy many hobbies, however, I have never seen her with such drive and passion as she does for Agility. I may not be an agility expert but I do speak “Michelle” and I am also a Licensed Psychologist. My passion is to understand how people think and act. I love to help people overcome self imposed barriers and to show them how they have power to change things they never thought possible to change.  Together, we hope to provide you with the empowerment and skills to become the best version of you; a person who can confidently handle your dog and grow with each experience.